Retreat to the Sea

September 25 - 27, 2020 on Bowen Island at the gorgeous Nectar Bnb

Join us on a beautiful island getaway for mountain views, ocean air and yoga for the soul. Delicious home-cooked meals, starry night skies and the yoga dome await your arrival.


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Lorena & Jessie

Yoga and meditation are just the tools to helping us live a life more deeply connected to the heart


We move so fast in life we rarely get time to re-centre and regain our footing. Nurture your connection to yourself first. From that balanced place, you will easily flow into connection with everything around you. 


The place of peace resides within each of us. Through meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) we can connect to this place more readily.


Your heart is wild and fierce. Your heart tells you what your spirit whispers. Trust this voice and let it guide you to love.

Reflection & Expression

Express yourself and release your throat chakra. Take time to reflect on paper your insights, your struggles and your joys. You can, share with others or instead entrust your messages to the voice of the mountains . 


The earth provides lessons. Trees remind us the duality of rooting down and rising high. The waters teach us to flow easily into each moment of our lives. Learn through this interplay and let the earth guide you.


Each moment flows into the next. We learn new lessons, we face new challenges, we discover different things that nurture, heal and feed us. Your growth is your own. No one can do it for you. Trust what feels right and true to only you.