About Wild Hearts

We are women of the wild. Women to whom the call of nature has always been a strong and summoning voice. 

We are yogis, foodies, students and teachers. We love to share the knowledge we've picked up on the way.

We are thrilled to be collaborating to bring a group to magical Bowen Island for a soulful getaway.

More about the team can be found below. We hope you will join us! 

Meet Lorena

Lorena is a yogi who lives and breathes the practice. She lives in Vancouver currently sharing her gifts with the community there. One of the instructors, Lorena is also a musician and an adventure seeker. Join her on the mat and in the woods to glimpse at a true goddess in her element! 

Meet Jessie

Jessie is a yoga instructor and Holistic Nutritionist. She teaches Hatha to adults and also introduces yoga to children in schools. Jessie loves hiking in the mountains, any activity involving water and camping. 

Their Story

Jessie & Lorena met in Hawaii at a yoga festival. They met in the crowd, and immediately bonded. Upon arriving back to their roots - Jessie in Toronto and Lorena in Vancouver, the two kept in touch regularly. Jessie was in the process of moving out West, and one day Lorena called: "let's host a retreat together," was all she said. That birthed the idea that evolved over time. From long phone conversations to tea dates in Vancouver, Wild Heart began to take shape. The two are avid yogis in the Vancouver/ North Vancouver areas. They love integrating their own practice and classes with elements of yoga philosophy and intuitive movements. They absolute love hosting retreats! It allows a safe space for the yogi to really delve into their practice and self care. Connecting with yogis from all over Canada has been one of the greatest aspects of all. Join them on Bowen Island and on the mat at their upcoming retreat!