Day Adventures

Start your summer outside! Packed full with nature hikes, delicious holistic nutritional eats, outdoor yoga and a good dose of mushroom and forest ecology education!

We have a wonderful weekend set out for you!

Here are the two dates: 

Tunnel Bluffs hike (Advanced)
Saturday June 13th, 2020
9:00am start time + ends at 2:30pm

$100 per person, all inclusive

**Breakfast: hot superfood elixir, yoga and

  lunch up mountain

BCMC hike (Beginner)
Sunday June 14th, 2020
12:00pm start time + ends at 4:00pm

$75 per person, all inclusive

** Includes Gondola down post hike,

    lunch and yoga!

We will meet at the trail head of each location.

Stay tuned for more details and location information!


L & J