Rock Climbing x Wellness Retreats

In Partnership with Climb Away

Have you ever been curious to try outdoor rock climbing but didn’t know where to begin?

Are you interested in practicing yoga, breath work, or meditation by a beautiful landscape surrounded by nature and fresh air?

Well, Climb Away x Wild Heart Yoga Retreats have you covered. 


We are teaming up with a Vancouver-local company and friend - Climb Away- to bring rock climbing adventures, yoga, breath work and nutrition together.

We are excited to collaborate in organizing incredible day trips and bring a combination of Wild Wellness and Adventure to British Columbia & Ontario. 


What’s included:

  • Mental prep: meditation/yoga online with Jessie and Lorena day before or morning of

  • A day of rock climbing, with reputable guide (5 hs, may differ depending on the guide)

  • Delicious lunch, superfood snacks (nutritionist-approved!)

  • Yoga somewhere beautiful (depending on location, may be online, or in person) after the adventure

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The Yoga


Settle into the beauty of breath in a beautiful surrounding, flow and stretch after a full day of strength-building rock climbing with your guide.


Yoga will be planned and facilitated taking into account the needs of the group. We always say - rock climbing and yoga go hand in hand. This is because to climb efficiently, one needs a certain degree of agility and mobility in the body. Yoga will help with opening the hips - increasing mobility, while at the same time building strength, balance and stability to be able to thrive in the sport. Meditation helps cool and calm the mind, and breath work helps to target the nervous system. While working hard at any sport, breath will be your confidant and best companion.


Learn how meditation, yoga and breathwork techniques can support your rock climbing experience.


Included in day trip or available for special booking

The Rock Climbing


Squamish, British Columbia


Nestled in beautiful British Columbia, Squamish rock climbing has it all. The area features incredible grippy granite and has levels that are suitable for everyone. Overlooking rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, the climbs are perfectly picturesque. The accessibility to the crags attracts climbers from all over the world. Be prepared to fall in love with the Pacific Coast’s rock climbing mecca!


Haliburton, Ontario


Located right around the corner from Haliburton, the Highlands is a haven for Ontario climbers seeking outdoor adventure. The granite cliffs are easily accessible with a short hike in, multiple route options, and breathtaking views. Vast forests and serene lakes provide the perfect setting for this day trip!