How to Fall in Love with Yourself

I spent some time in Hawaii while completing my yoga teacher certification. Here are a few insights I discovered.

Now don’t be mistaken, these aren’t tips aren’t for falling in love with a boy, though sometimes that’s bound to happen. (When a strapping surfer sweeps you up after you step on a sea urchin, or a cute blonde with shaggy hair offers to fly you, for example.)

But no, these are tips with falling in love with Hawaii and more importantly in love with yourself. You are all you have. You are the one consistent and cherished thing in your life. If you’ve fallen out of love with yourself, now’s the time to relive the honeymoon. Do the things that feed your soul and give yourself the love you require.

In a very famous and insightful book “Tuesdays With Morrie,” Morrie quotes the line, Love each other or perish. He says it with such conviction that it is as if a religious quote. In fact it is, in some way. Love is universal, the most powerful element in our universe. It is as vital to our health and happiness as food and water are to our body vessel. Love each other and love yourself. Give your soul what it craves and you will be happy.

  1. Hug everyone as if they are your family (they are your family)

  2. Take advantage of every chance to explore

  3. Cherish each sunset and sunrise you are lucky enough to witness

  4. Jump on a board fearlessly, even if you can’t surf, just to flow

  5. Dance in bare feet

  6. Let music flow through you

  7. Swim naked

  8. Climb in a tree and sing until tired

  9. Stare at the ocean for long periods of time in silence

  10. Work in the gardens and care for mother nature

  11. Make a mindful practice of the new and full moons

  12. Be open in mind and heart

  13. Love freely