The Love That You Withhold Is The Pain That You Carry

As I sit in meditation, I remember a conversation with a friend I had earlier in the summer. She shared a quote with me by Ralph Waldo Emerson that has been ringing true in my ears for months. It is this, that "the love you withhold, is the pain that you carry."

Recently I've been putting this mantra to work and applying it in my daily life. How does this idea coincide with my relationships; towards friends, family, strangers - and of course, the self.

I find that, the more closed I become, the less integral I feel. I recognize more so now that love acts as a source of energy, and that the more beauty and love we choose to see in this world, the more of it there is.

It's easy to live in a scarcity mentality because feeling love makes us vulnerable, sensitive and we may have an inclination to protect ourselves from further pain, suffering and disappointment. However, love is also this state that makes colours seem brighter and more vivid, upturns our lips, hugs our heart and reminds us that we are so special to be alive in this moment. Love shows us that we are meant to live harmoniously with each other and nature. Love is union. Connection. Wholeness.

When we withhold love, we cut off the air supply to our feelings. The good and the challenging. We choose a bland taste as opposed to experiencing all the flavours this life has to offer. The sweet, sour, bitter.. you name it.

In effect, the love that you withhold becomes the pain that you carry. Because if we are not open: to experience, to letting go, to possibility - we are also not open to heal, to grow and to become a fully integrated being.

Trust that the spirit residing in your heart has the answers you need to launch you forward into something amazing. Close the eyes, sink deep into your breath and meditate on a radiating light endlessly pouring from your heart. Know that the love that you create, is the joy you emanate.