Our Favourite Holistic Winter Remedies

Just like everyone else - we are not immune to the winter cold and flu season. Though as yogis and nutritionists we have the perfect tools at our fingertips to keep sickness at bay! Try incorporating some of these (or all) for fighting the winter blues & stay healthy all season long.

1) EMERGENC: whenever we're feeling a cold creeping in or an immune system breakdown, we always grab an EmergenC. They are little packets of electrolytes and vitamins to give you that boost of energy and spark the immune response. More information can be found here

2) Peppermint Halo (from our friends at Saje): Saje products are plant based and really emphasis the healing power of plants! With changes in the air pressure, travel or general exhaustion, BC winter can spark tension headaches. We keep a peppermint halo (made with peppermint essential oil) in our purse as it's small and can kick any headache, either at the early stages or when it's full blown. We never go anywhere without one! More information can be found here

3) Eucalyptus Plant: Eucalyptus is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to Australia. It is used as an ingredient in many products, to reduce symptoms of colds, coughs and congestion. It can also be found in creams and ointments in relieving muscle and joint pain. How we use it is in the plant form - left out of water to dry out. We keep some in the shower, hung around the faucet to bring in a cleansing and sinus-opening scent while showering. Try it! It smells amazing, has great benefits and is also gorgeous to look at.

4) Throat Coat Tea: If our throat is ever bugging us we reach right for a cup of Throat Coat tea. From the company "Traditional Medicinals" this tea has herbs like slippery elm, marshmallow root and licorice to bring ease and calm to an agitated throat. No need to fear losing your voice this season - we have you covered.