Tips on Staying Grounded

One of the most pertinent decisions I made over the winter and into spring, is to cut away the clutter - not just the physical clutter of objects, but particularly how I spend my time. If I am feeling low energy, I will put a nap or an early sleep above a social gathering, or high energy activity. Time is such a commodity and how we use it has a ripple effect over our week. Last month, I officially renounced Netflix as it was keeping me awake longer than was healthy for me to get the rest that I needed. I miss the accessibility of having every movie or show at my fingertips, but I certainly don’t miss the compulsion to stare at a bright screen or the wasted hours. Instead, I’ve replaced those precious moments before sleep with reading insightful books and poems, and spending a few thoughtful pauses to write in my journal and to lie down in meditation or to regulate my nervous system with slow and deep breath work.

So overall, the greatest tip for grounding that comes to mind is to set yourself up for success the night before. If you take the time for a few moments of peaceful meditation, journal reflection, uplifting literature, and really prioritize sleep over distraction, then your mental state as well as your body will benefit from the loving preparation you’ve taken to nurture yourself. I invite you to explore one week where you prioritize self-care the night before and see how it affects your mood and well-being the next day!


Planting seeds

Through the rubble and reeds

Fertile soil unravel me

Unveil the beauty of potential

So I may grow powerful and present

A well spring of love to nurture all

Is the gift I seek that all shall reap

Rare is this rose so real and pure

Let go to let grow

And let the sowing sow

Remember now, that the love you create

Is the joy you emanate