Cherish Nature's Gifts

Nature provides us with the ultimate medicine. Clean air. Without it, our lungs wouldn’t last long. The soil, rocks and the roots of the trees we stand support on our hands and feet. We can reach high for sustenance from plants baring fruit, and other times we drop to our knees in reverence for the moist mud that sows our vegetables.

Many of us have grown up in cities, where the ground is covered by cement, where the trees are replaced by tall buildings; the budding flowers that would normally grow wild are pulled up and replaced with patches of barren grass, uniform and sterile. All of these shifts tend to make us forget where we come from.

Until a clue of what we are made of reminds us again: A glint of colour pops up through the cracks in the cement where the trees' roots have re-awakened to the surface of the earth and a dandelion’s strength stretches it’s neck up to see the light. Meanwhile, the sky opens up to a striking sunrise to show off the sun’s majestic beauty over the ocean and clouds, like delicate brushstrokes over a fine canvas. Nature is determined to thrive, to remain wild. And so are we.

As humans, people of this earth, we must remember the importance of working alongside nature for the good of all. The clean air that is provided by the leaves of the trees breathing out gives us energy by which we can grow strong and healthy, in mind, body, and breath.

Now imagine: you are entering a forest and a calm and refreshed state washes over your body and face. The colours green and blue sweep over the busy mind and coax it to rest and relax. The sounds of birds singing, the breeze, the rustling leaves, and the sound of a deers' hooves in the great distance reminds you of your primal instincts; to remain aware, present, connected.

Nature’s gifts are many. When feeling disconnected, remember to give thanks for all that is supporting you in this moment. Make time to spend in nature; to feel, to touch, to taste, to breathe the elements. Step into nature to recharge and renew, to heal, and to reclaim your wildness!