You Can't Rush Your Healing

“You can’t rush your healing. Darkness has its teaching." - Trevor Hall

This quote comes to mind each time I sustain an injury, whether it’s physical or heartfelt. As much as I’d love to share colourful bubbly imagery of how my holidays were, the truth is that I was in the process of resting a fractured sacrum caused by a bike accident. All of the wonderful parties, snowshoe adventures and whatever else had been on the menu is now postponed until next years Christmas tidings.

Amidst the frustration of lying low and resting until cabin fever set in, I eventually surrendered to a forced vacation. It’s not one that I had intended to take. Had I planned it out, there would have been heat, sunshine, palm trees, warm water swims.. you get the picture.

The lessons I took away from 4 weeks off of my day to day life however is that healing is important and no one can do it for you. Also, in times of need, there is always someone out there to help out; the most important thing is to reach out. It may be hard at first as I know I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. But once I quieted my ego, having visitors to just come and sit by me was an incredible blessing. It reinforced the invaluable strength of community that is around me.

This injury reminded me to slow down and reflect on what is important and what can be shed to become just that much lighter, both physically and emotionally.

There is no way to rush the healing journey, everything worth living takes patience and time. Through meditation, breathwork, inspiring readings and podcasts, I developed a greater sense of peace and a strong belief that healing is a mindset. By exploring the rich inner landscape within ourselves we have the power to heal, to come into our wholeness and wholeheartedness.

To conclude, Carl Jung reminds us that “your vision will become clear when you can look inside of your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.”

Close your eyes and remember you are home, free and full of beauty and potential, no matter where you are along your life path. You are not your pain, but you can use it to inspire you and guide you towards a richly authentic life.