The Secret to Meeting your New Year’s Goals and Intentions

The new moon, a new season, a new chapter, or a new year; there are plenty of opportunities in life to set intentions and develop new habits. I love when January rolls around everyone talks about “New Year’s Resolutions,” as though this is the only time suitable to make a change. In my opinion, this time presents itself many times over a year and an undefinable amount over a lifetime.

Having said all that, I invite you to set a new intention during this time prime for change. Especially with our surroundings lately - new snow laying a foundation on the earth, a glowing silvery light emerging, it feels like a fresh new start. In just a few months the snow will have melted and the blooms may just begin again to pop out from the earth. So let’s take this time and utilize a fresh start to make change necessary in our lives.

Experience tells us that setting intentions are important and will amount to real change if they follow the following criteria:

Goals must be:

  1. Specific

  2. Measurable

  3. Realistic

  4. Relevant

  5. Timely

  6. Chosen in love and kindness for the self

For example, we cannot set an intention that we are unaware or unsure how to carry out. We cannot set an intention if it’s rooted in self-doubt and we must be able in a months’ time or a few months’ time to assess how far we’ve come.

Your goals might be to spend more time meditating, and to carry out this idea you can look over your schedule and assess where the gaps are to turn this intention into practice. Maybe you begin with a realistic goal of meditating for 5 minutes a day, and increasing that number up to 10 or 15 minutes at the end of the next month. Downloading an app (for my technologically-inclined friends) or writing it down in your planner (a simple M will do) will help you stay motivating and note your commitment.

So now it’s time - set 3-5 intentions, dedicated to your progress and happiness in this life. As you do this, think of the ways you may turn these intentions into your beautiful new reality.

Good luck! Please reach out if you need any support - I’m always here xox