Asana Spotlight: Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

Trikonasana, or Tri Konas in Sanskrit is translated as ‘three angles’ and in nature, triangles tend to be one of the sturdiest shapes. Through this posture you will develop stability, leg strength, extension across the side body, and balance. In fact, this balance of 3 points has often been connected to sacred geometry, the cycle of birth, life and death, and in Indian culture; Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer of the universe. These deities also correlate with the 3 ‘gunas’ or qualities that are found in our conscious states and the actions we take in the world. These qualities are known as ‘tamas’, described as ignorance, lethargy and sluggish; ‘rajas’, distraction, agitation, and excitability; ‘sattva’, a peaceful, grounded and calm state of being. Triangle pose reminds us that we need all of these states to live in the world. Tamas allows us to rest and dream, rajas creates motivation to act in the world, and sattva is the pure state of remaining aware and balanced amidst the changes this life presents us.

To enter this posture, start in Tadasana, mountain pose. Step your left leg back and pivot your back foot to 90 degrees. Front right leg is straight, toes pointing straight forward. Arms extend open into a T-shape. Send your hips back and your right arm forward. Maintaining length across your side body, release your bottom right hand down to lightly graze your bottom leg/ankle/toe grip/or place a block under your hand at the highest height for support. Top arm stacks over bottom arm. Imagine there is a wall directly behind you that you are leaning into. Keep your core engaged, your breath active and full and your face relaxed. You got this!