Water for Wellbeing

We are made up of water. At least our adult human bodies consist of about 60% water mass. Of this, our lungs consist of about 83% water content while our heart and brains consist of 73% water. Babies have an even higher percentage of water content at 78% when they are first born. We know that we can go without food for at least 21 days, and water at most 7 days before we die from thirst and dehydration (average survival without water is 3 - 4 days). Dehydration affects our mental and physical state significantly. Chances are, if you are feeling thirsty, you are in fact already dehydrated!

The importance of replenishing our bodies’ water reserves is vital for many reasons. Firstly, we lose up to around 2 litres of water daily, and more on days of high physical activity. Often a lack of hydration leads to fatigue, weak muscles, headaches, constipation, over-eating, hypertension and dry sinuses. Mental health is also affected; decreasing concentration while increasing levels of depression and anxiety.

Our body uses water to deliver nutrients to the rest of the body through the vascular system. It helps to regulate our bodies temperature through respiration and perspiration as well as secreting waste through urination. It keeps our body and skin limber, lubricating joints and forming saliva. Consuming 8 to 10 glasses (8 ounces each) of pure water daily also boosts our energy and focus, and is a natural stress-reliever.

To note, if caffeinated drinks are consumed, the body will need twice the amount of water to balance out the diuretic (eg. Drink 2 cups of water for every 1 cup of coffee). If the drink is sugary, the phosphoric acid contained in most soft drinks will trick the body to thinking it is hungry rather than thirsty. So if possible, drink the water straight up! Needless to say, we need ample amounts of water for our physical body and mental state to run optimally.

It is incredible how staying well hydrated improves both physical and mental wellbeing. Now do yourself a favour and grab yourself a nice tall glass of water and if you have it, squeeze in a slice of lemon to increase the absorption intake! Invest in a water bottle, and take it with you wherever you go.

Stay fresh and replenished dear friends!